About us


Italpunte is an artisan company,which has been in the hard Metal (m.d.)tools production sector for over thirty years.the Company started out within the printed circuits(pcb)manufacturing Sector and subsequently expanded in other sector,thanks to the Accuracy of workmanship and to the experience matured in the choice of Materials.the company is equipped whit a modern and well tested Step reduction system for varius diameters and we have also expertise in Eliminating ovaling and concentricity is reduced to a micron.
We manufacture special made to measure tools according to specific custumers’ requirements and we carry out production for third Parties,such as:pellet and bar grinding in hard metal of various types and Diameters,through ghiringhelli centerless grinding.

Italpunte - Regione Gerbido S.S. 143 - 13881 - CAVAGLIA` (BI) P.iva 02442090029
Tel/Fax: 0161966443 info@italpunte-bi.it www.italpunte-bi.it
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